Trunk Mats in Black with Beige Stitching / Thread

ab: 289,00



Exclusive trunk mats made to measure made of synthetic leather are available from us in various colors and designs.

We offer tailor-made trunk mats that line your entire trunk

Is ideal if you want to easily clean your trunk and protect original textiles from dirt and wear and tear.

Whether dirty or damp objects, our artificial leather trunk mats are the ideal solution and are easy to clean.

Thanks to the high-quality design, the trunk mats are a visual highlight in your vehicle.

It is new item in its original packaging - ideal also for dog owners and those who transport a lot in their trunk.

-The protection is also on the sides of your trunk

Scope of delivery: 

- Trunk floor mat
- Trunk side mats left and right
- Rear seat mats 1-3 pieces depending on the vehicle type


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