Mercedes GTL-Klasse (2013–2018) Kunstleder Autoteppiche Maßgeschneidert Auto-Fußmatten passend Schwarz mit Roten Nähten

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Qualität Maßgeschneidert Unsere Autoteppiche / Fußraumschalen / Kofferraummatten sind passgenau für Ihr Auto konzipiert. Jede Autofußmatte wird Hersteller- und Modell individuell gefertigt. So erhalten Sie ein qualitativ hochwertiges und passgenaues Produkt für Ihr Fahrzeug.

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Quality tailor-made Our car carpets / footwell shells / trunk mats are designed to fit your car. Each car mat is made individually and model. This is how you get a high quality and perfectly fitting product for your vehicle. No pollution Our floor mats cover the entire interior of your vehicle almost completely and thus offer comprehensive protection of the vehicle interior. Due to the all-round protection of the floor mats, dirt and liquid cannot escape and therefore cannot get onto the vehicle floor. Unlike conventional car rubber mats, our precisely fitting floor mats cannot slip and repel all types of dirt and liquids.

The car floor and trunk mats that are available in our shop are made of high quality synthetic leather and are available in different colors. This gives you the option of adapting the floor mats to the color of your car interior.

Befestigung in nur 3 Schritten
Aufgrund unseres Clipsystems montieren und demontieren Sie die Fußmatten kinderleicht und rutschsicher in nur 3 Schritten:

1. Reset the car seat to the end.

2. Insert the car mat.

3. move the clip on the car mat to the top then put it under the Plastic console.

Easy cleaning
You can easily dismantle the carpets and wipe them with a damp cloth or rinse them with water. After drying, put the floor mats back into your vehicle easily and uncomplicated. The car floor is exposed to high loads. Every time we get in, we carry a lot of dirt, dust, mud and snow inside, which is why suitable car mats are essential to protect the car floor. In addition to the normal car rubber mats, they are tailored to your vehicle, of high quality and an eye-catcher in every vehicle due to their optical design.

As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing this 5d car floor mats made of high-quality synthetic leather instead of choosing the simple car rubber mats. In our shop you can buy the floor mats online at fair prices. Convince yourself of the good quality and first-class service in our online shop.

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