Auto Fußraumschalen in blau mit schwarzen Nähten/Faden

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aus Hochwertigem Kunstleder und speziellem Schaumstof

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-Our car floor mats are made of high quality synthetic leather and are custom-made for every car brand.

-Our car floor mats are impermeable to water and abrasion-resistant, they almost completely cover the entire footwell of your vehicle and thus offer comprehensive protection against dirt and liquids.

- Thanks to the all-round protection of our perfectly fitting car floor mats, your vehicle floor remains intact and almost in its original condition.

-The high-quality design of our car floor mats is a visual highlight in your vehicle, which maintains the value of your car through appropriate protection against dirt.


Our car mats are installed non-slip in the vehicle interior using a special fastening system:

1. Reset the car seat to the stop

2. Insert the doormat

3. Turn the clip up to the edge console and push it under the console

Scope of delivery: 

1x floor mat on the driver's side

, 1x floor mat on the passenger side

1-2 passenger compartment floor mats depending on the vehicle type (5 or 7 seats)


Made of high quality synthetic leather and special XPE foam

 Mat thickness: approx. 1 cm

Main features:

· High quality

. Easy construction

· Easy cleaning

· Unique design


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